candy&caviar [Preston Hooded Cardigan + Carter Button Up]

[editor's note: The recently launched Men's Section has a new voice. I'm pleased to introduce you to my husband, Anthony, who will be sharing his top picks on all things cool, stylish and beautiful for men. ~D]


I've currently got my eyes peeled for some stylish threads I can pull off at work. The Preston hooded zipper cardigan and the Carter button up from candy&caviar have the perfect combination of style and sophistication required for the modern man in the modern office. The balance of the collection includes some classic designs with unconventional twists. If I was slick enough to pull of the hooded blazer or the double layer bow tie, I'd be the perfect guy for all of designer Candy Lin's versatile day-to-night pieces. But for now, I'll play it conservative with baby fashion steps. Speaking of babies, the soon-to-be-released children's line will be an opportunity for me to experiment with style by dressing my little monster. 


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