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Well, this will be the first time that I won’t be able to pop into my buddy Heidi Merrick’s downtown studio to see her latest collection in person [sigh]. My NorCal status means I’m among those who got a private preview via email. But let me tell you that I was just as excited as I always am to see her new designs. The color palette rocks and I’m still smitten with the way the collection is shot for the lookbook—so beautiful. I have my eye on some pretty dresses, that amazing coat and blazer and a handful of other pieces that belong in my closet. Will be counting down the days until August 1st, when they are available! And after debating about whether or not to keep my hair super-blonde I’m back on the blondie streak and want to go platinum… and maybe cut bangs again.

Without further ado, here’s my latest interview with the amazing Heidi (sounds like fashion super-hero, no? she is.):

Dena ~ What inspired this collection?

Heidi ~ “I was working on the idea of a gentleman surfer, Which to me is sleek silhouettes and fabrics, clean lines with poppy colors.

Dena ~ Which styles will you be wearing most?

Heidi ~ “I’ll be wearing the Durban coat.  I’m’ already wearing it.”

Dena ~ Right. One of the many perks of being the designer and having the samples! 

Are there any signature pieces or previous collection faves that have been updated? How so?

Heidi ~ “Wa are still making our vegan leather pant.  I originally had this white pocket so it felt thrown on and not too I’m-trying-to-be-super-hot in my leather pants. I’m more, oh-yeah-i-wear-these. But I had to explain myself too much there, which for a designer means it didn’t make enough sense to the public. So I made the pockets black.”





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