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Monique Moizel is the talent behind my latest fashion find. The LA-based label pumps out casual-chic tops with fun details. Think of it as making your best everyday basics a little more interesting with cool and subtle embellishments. I’m smitten with the striped top they sent me for review, which boasts dolman sleeves and sequin insets at the hips. This is about as fancy as I’ll get this holiday season since I’ll just be lounging around with the fam. I like that it fulfills my longtime obsession with stripes and dresses it up ever-so slightly with a hint of flash from the black sequins.

Without further ado, here’s what Monique has to say about her line:

Dena ~ What inspired you to launch your line?
Monique ~ “Fashion has always been in my blood. When I could not find what I was looking for in stores, I decided to make my own line. Design is always on my mind.”

Dena ~ How would you describe your personal style?
Monique ~ “Laid-back, hippie-chic”

Dena ~ What is your general design philosophy?
Monique ~ “All of the pieces from my line have a bit of a special twist that will catch your eye.”

Dena ~ What other brands/designers do you like?
Monique ~ Rag & Bone and Stella McCartney

Dena ~ What inspired this collection?
Monique ~ “Rock and Roll—I took the dark and sexy side of music and put it in this collection.”

Dena ~ Which styles are you wearing most?
Monique ~ “Sequin Athletic and the Athletic Sweatshirt Trail—both sexy and fun.”

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