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Their moniker comes from a William Blake poem (“and eternity in an hour”) and the design duo behind the new LA label TheEternal is every bit as interesting as the famed poet. The clothes, in one word, are amazing. So these guys deserve a bravo for getting it right straight out of the gate. Here’s what Jon Rhinerson and Michael Abe have to say about their recently launched collex:

Dena ~ What kind of music are you listening to these days? 

Jon ~ “The Stooges, particularly Funhouse, is getting a lot of play on the iPhone. I also listen to a lot of Brooklyn hip-hop. Thurston Moore’s new album is great as well.”

Michael ~ “I’m kind of weird when it comes to music. I get in different moods and just listen to the same record over and over again until I’m sick of it. Right now it’s a mix of Warpaint, Radiohead, Band of Horses, Elliot Smith, and Tribe Called Quest. ”

Dena ~ Do you have an iPad? What are your favorite apps?

Jon ~ “Not yet. I’m not an Early Adopter. I’m waiting until the iPad can replace my laptop.”

Michael ~ “I got an iPad last year and recently got a stylus for sketching, so I use Sketchbook Pro a lot and Keynote. For reading, I use Flipboard. I’m also hooked on Go and Risk for games.”

Dena ~ What is your general design philosophy?

Jon ~ “Design is knowing when to stop.” 

Michael ~ “Personally, I lean towards the artists I admire like Richard Serra and Tadao Ando. Raw, clean, modern shapes that feel ancient yet futuristic.”

Dena ~ What other brands/designers do you like?

Jon ~ “I admire Jonathan Ive at Apple. He’s brought a harder Bauhaus edge to Apple’s latest offerings. You can see it in the iPhone 4. Poul Kjærholm and Borge Mogensen are two designers I consistently reference. I’ve been searching for a good PK22 for over a year now.”

Michael ~ “I really respect what Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler have done for the J Crew brand. Also Steve Jobs and Apple, the way the brand keeps evolving— when they evolve, they change society. Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole for Gucci Group as well.”

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Dena ~ Which styles are you most excited about from your fall 11 collex?

Michael ~ “My favorite pieces are the Biker Jacket, which is made in a heavy duty texturized leather from Italy. It’s really clean and devoid of any top stitching, giving it an effect of the classic biker silhouette but also a modern look.”

Jon ~ “The leather jacket is a favorite for the reasons Mike stated. I also like the LS top. I think you can see the reference points in that piece.”

Dena ~ What inspired this collection?

Michael ~ “Edward Weston’s photographs of desert landscapes and shells. They were shot in the late 1920’s but the effect of raw modern beauty is timeless. It gave us a jumping off point in terms of mood and feeling.”

Dena ~ Which styles were the most popular among buyers?

Michael ~ “This season the most popular styles were the Shirtskirt, which is a play on the shirt dress but has the effect visually as separates. And the biker jacket was a definite standout.”

Jon ~ “I’m afraid the minute I know the answer to this question, the sooner TheEternal becomes a consumer driven product.”

Dena ~ Enough said…

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