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My love for James Jeans was recently renewed thanks to the Twiggy legging. They are supremely comfortable and ultra-flattering, which are essential qualities for a great denim legging. If you’ve yet to try a denim legging, this is a great place to start. And if you’re well-versed in this super-skinny denim trend but haven’t tried James, you are missing out! There are plenty of washes to choose from, as well as a maternity version. Scroll down to see my list of where to buy the Twiggy, including fall 2010 collection washes that are currently on sale (some for under $100!).

But before you shop, Seun Lim, the Creative Director of James Jeans, gives us the scoop on the amazingly chic + comfortable Twiggy legging jean:

Dena ~ How long did it take you to perfect the Twiggy legging jean? What makes the fit so special?

Seun ~ “When we initially designed the Twiggy, it took about two months to perfect the fit, but of course it’s constantly evolving. We first launched the Twiggy in the fall of 2009. It’s the Zenith of the denim legging, while staying true to every aspect of our signature strengths: lifting, lengthening, and slimming.”

Dena ~ Do you modify the fit at all from season to season, or is it pretty set at this point?

Seun ~ “We develop new Twiggy fabric options for each season. We’re now using advanced power stretch, T400, and super-stretch fiber technology that reflects current and future denim trending.”

Dena ~ What are some of the new washes and fabrics that will be available in the Twiggy for Spring 11? Any personal favorites?

Seun ~ “Newcomers include the Twiggy in Pale Rose and the Twiggy Cargo in Mint Green. A personal favorite is the Twiggy Cargo in Mint Green; it’s the perfect green for spring and goes with everything.”

Dena ~ Tell us about the Twiggy Cargo. How did you adapt the skinny cargo trend to work with the Twiggy?

Seun ~ “With the unrivaled success of the original Twiggy, we naturally became inclined to produce more options for our consumer. There was a strong demand for the legging jean and we wanted to provide many variations and, as always, create denim-breakthrough pieces.”

Celebs who are fans of the Twiggy: Ashlee Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Jessica Lowndes, Leann Rimes, Minka Kelly, Nicky Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Zoe Saldana. I have them in Night Clean wash (a gift from the PR firm) and I’ve been wearing them at least once a week since I got them last fall.

Buy them at or at these online retailers:

[photo credits] top: shopbop look book. middle + bottom: james jeans

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