Boyfriend/Girlfriend [Designer Q+A Kevin Circosta + Rachel Pally] Fall 2010 Launch

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Rachel and Kevin sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes a collaboration on a cool clothing line for hip guys and their casual-chic girlfriends. Behold Rachel Pally’s latest fashion foray, dubbed Boyfriend/Girlfriend, launching for Fall 2010.

I’ve never really covered menswear, despite my husband’s frequent suggestions to let him write the category. Rachel Pally’s latest endeavor, with her boyfriend Kevin Circosta, has inspired me to bring my husband onboard the Très Chic editorial team of one (plus a not-so hardworking, two-year-old intern—my son, the Baby Luxe product tester). I digress. For the first-ever menswear post, I’ll be holding the writing reins since the line has collections for men and women. Tony will make his editorial debut soon enough. Without further ado, I give you the official launch of the Men’s Section and quite possibly the longest article to be published here yet (because the pics are gorgeous and the designer interview is great).


Circosta and Pally serve as designers, models and the inspiration behind the aptly named Boyfriend/Girlfriend brand. The photos and video make me want to grab my mate and take a stroll through the farmer’s market and ride bikes along the beach (just like we did before we moved east of the 405). I can see my husband Tony wearing any of the following pieces: Faded Black Cardigan Hoody, Double-Breasted Hoody Jacket, Longsleeve Henley and Chambray Button Down. Likewise, I would happily make room in my closet for the Earth Pyramid Slouchy Top, Sage Slouchy V-Front Top, Faded Black Longsleeve Seam-Back Top, and Faded Black Bolero.

More importantly, here’s what Rachel and Kevin have to say about their new fashion adventure:

D~ What inspired you to create this line?

K~ “Love, fun and the pursuit of the perfect shirt.”

R~ “I love to wear Kevin’s clothes but they never look quite right on me. So we decided to make some menswear-inspired womenswear! We both have a background in fashion so starting a line together just felt organic. We have all of the resources in place to make it happen. So why not?”

D~ How does it compare, contrast and/or compliment the Rachel Pally line?

K~ “These pieces are what we dream up when we are walking through the streets of NY or riding our bikes on the boardwalk in Venice. I love seeing Rachel in causal clothes with no make-up. The bare essentials bring out even more of her natural beauty!”

R~ “They’re the kind of clothes that I like to wear on weekends. I like that it gives the Rachel Pally customer a great option for dressing down while still maintaining a sense of style.”


D~ How does it serve as another creative design outlet for you?

R~ “It’s fun to have a new project! And it’s wonderful to collaborate with my man! He is so creative and brilliant. We both bring such different strengths to the table and we’re both learning so much.”

D~ What are your favorite pieces?

R~ “The Oversized Pyramid Tee and the Scarf. But I’ve been living in the Chambray Shirt as well—I love wearing it with my Pally skirts.”

K~ “I love the Oversized and U-neck Pyramid Tops and I wear a different one of our woven’s everyday.”

D~ Will you expand the line for Spring 2011 or maintain the same size collection?

R~ “We’re adding some loungy pants, a great shirtdress, a bit of tie dye…”

K~ “More comfortable and cool-fitting t-shirt pieces, diverse artwork and prints, ethnic and native american flare. Our whole approach is natural, we want to grow it organically… defining the new urban hippie, where the city meets the beach!”

The couple says that the classic pieces and basic bodies will remain in the line each season in new prints and fabrics. Follow @TresChicNow and @bfgfcollection on Twitter to keep tabs on when the line becomes available at and

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