Little Giraffe | Leggies baby legwarmers

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These super-soft leggings are too cute for words but I’ll try. My littles gave me an excuse to become a Little Giraffe devotee. The absolutely adorable company has expanded their luxe offerings to include an assortment of new items that are swoon-worthy gifts for anyone with babes. LG sent over a set of the striped Leggies for my baby girl and I was smitten the second I laid eyes on them. And then with a single touch, the silky-soft feather yarn confirmed that Little Giraffe has cornered the market on baby luxe gear. They are beyond cute (here’s an instagram to prove it) and ever-so soft. Definitely add them to your baby gift-giving go-to list. Besides being ultra-cute and cuddly, Little Giraffe Leggies are also stretchy which means they can be worn a lot longer than the average baby clothes. Right now they offer almost a full leg of warmth (and cuteness) for my little one but I know she’ll be wearing them far into toddlerdom, scrunched down on the calf/ankle for an equally adorbs look.

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